Women chatting with men about jacking off dan abrams dating renee

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Women chatting with men about jacking off

Many guys feel as though creating sexual tension will be seen as “too forward” or “sleazy.” Over the years, guys have said to me, and all that sort of stuff.

What a guy like that doesn’t realize is that women choose their boyfriends based on sexual desire, regardless of how conservative they behave.

Okay, fine, that’s presumptuous of me to assume, but if a man is tired, he’s not going to apologize for it. Instead, he’ll say something childlike like, “I’m sleepy,” (because men regress to age seven and half with feetie pajamas when they get – on the off chance – tired) or “I’m gonna go to bed” (when his circadian rhythm kicks in). Sorry, but I’m tired is actually I don’t like you enough.

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What it actually means is, “I didn’t have fun, but this an obligatory text because I like to practice chivalry and assume the countenance of a fine gentleman, but you actually had kale in your teeth all night from your lunch.

You went on a date, slept with a guy, gave him a (gulp) beej (I just called it that, didn’t I? had so much fun last night .” Then you get this esoteric mess of a text. Pardon me for my blanket statement, but I think it’s a general truth. We’re at the last text, and I know what you’re thinking: “wow, Mallory. Does almost every text mean “I don’t like you” or “I don’t want to see you” or “I just want to bone you” or “I’m trying to deceive you in some way? But find a guy who sends you texts like, “taking a dump” or “ah, totally wanna dry hump you,” or even better, “I’m gonna eat a pizza and then masturbate while playing video games – I’m ambidextrous! And there’s no fun in not having something to analyze.

Yes, that’s “spending time” in Spanish, but it demonstrates effort. Again, you may accuse me of claiming that a response like “cool,” is a lie.

You may say – but, Mallory – if a guy just wanted to get it on, wouldn’t he just say text me at 2 AM? And he would invite you to “hang out.” Believe me, “hang out” is actually “hang out…naked.” The exception to the I-want-to-bone-you rule is that he has zero interest in you, just as a friend. But let’s be honest for a hot second (since honesty is the key here): have you ever said cool to something that actually was, indeed, cool?

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Just like he masturbates at home every week, women also masturbate almost as often.

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