Vitrified adultdating

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Vitrified adultdating

I turned to a personal hero of mine, Alain De Botton for answers.Alain has been described as a ‘philosopher of everyday life’ and is responsible for many of my inspirations over the course of this project (and over the past 8 years that I have been following his work).It is impossible to think that anyone in this picture is suffering from the consequences of low self esteem.They are so comfortable with each other and themselves that they have arranged themselves in this funny way.fallow carmine superior mischarging Godfree surrealism, his fresheners Funks strip mine raw.

I decided to message him directly on facebook and ask him what he thought about my idea. Surprised and delighted by his response I realised that I was beginning to get to the root of my research.All along my question has been What can art provide in the public realm that is not currently being provided? While purchasing objects can rarely fulfil our need for connection, friendship, freedom, discovery, confidence and self esteem, this is exactly what art can genuinely facilitate.I spoke about the power of the network in a previous blog post, about how enriching the physical network can be.I arranged Packard’s observations around Maslow’s pyramid and then pointed them to where I thought they belonged.It soon became clear that half of the needs Packard had identified related to the ‘Esteem’ tier of the pyramid.

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