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The steel racing Treks will never again be used by top racers for racing.However, the 720 will be used (and coveted) by experienced tourists well into the future. Expert framebuilders John Thompson, Rick Faultersack, and Kelly Gamble built them.The geometry and frame materials are normally given in the brochure for that year.Many thanks to the people who have contributed significant information to the site.It wasn't until Shimano developed their "V-brake" (known generically as the side-pull cantilever or the direct pull brake) that a viable alternative to the traditional cantilever was available. The table below shows these two 520 characteristics through time.These data should be of use to people who plan to buy a vintage 520.The unique and distinctive design, and relative rarity, adds to the value of these frames.The 720/728 touring bikes, dating from 82-85 were (and still are) highly-rated bikes for serious touring.

Additionally, the table of Trek models by year includes all Trek bikes through 2005.This information was provided mostly by visitors to this site.This page also includes suggestions for estimating the current value of a Vintage Trek.Trek made a total of 7929 720 and 728 bikes and frames (number calculated by Mitch Hawker). The 520 touring bike first appeared in 1983 and probably has made more trans-America crossings than any other bike model.The Model 170, arguably Trek’s best steel racing frame, was available during the period 1983 to 1985. It still is offered by Trek in steel (although not lugged), which has helped maintain significant model recognition among bicyclists.

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The long chainstays, 47cm, provide heel clearance for the rear panniers, and contribute to a comfortable ride.