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Top masterbation chat sites

As I sat down to write this article, I googled "mental masturbation" and guess what -- it's in the Urban Dictionary!

There are about 10 definitions, but this is the perfect one for the purposes of this article: (for more amusement, go read the other definitions esp. I spent countless hours having these amazing, intellectually stimulating conversations but I wasn't taking any action. Here's my theory: You can become addicted to the "a-ha! When the light bulb goes off as you find the perfect website that promises to answer all of your questions, sit in a seminar with the latest guru, listen to an audio program or read a new book - it's like an orgasm. You've figured "it" out, the missing link, the nugget of knowledge that will make everything fall into place, your life will make sense, the world will finally recognize your greatness and your bank account will triple. When you put the book down, return to your office or try to get back to your life's work, it feels boring. So you go in search of the next "a-ha" moment, the next intellectual orgasm. You can stop sabotaging yourself when you realize that it's just your brain, doing it's busy, monkey-mind stuff that keeps you searching for the next high.

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(G= Greatness, Gorgeous & Grateful) I've got some tips for you next time on how to break your addiction to mental masturbation, stop avoiding taking constructive action and turn yourself ON in your business and your life.

This time, however, it was not the thought of pretty girls that diverted him but his friend John Evelyn’s ‘pretty’ new book ‘against Solitude’. The exchange was an exercise in paradox, with both disputants adopting positions contrary to their convictions. Reading these strictures, or the many other 17th-century jeremiads against solitude, Pepys would not have thought to apply them to his solitary sexual pleasures. etc masturbation, previously a second-order sexual offence, soared to the top of the register of vices.By the early 19th century, masturbation had become the ‘moloch of the species’, as J. Kellogg, the American health reformer and cereal king, described it in the typically apocalyptic rhetoric of anti-onanists.Female masturbators, previously sidelined, acquired new prominence, and the prevention of infantile masturbation became a Europe-wide obsession.I can't remember the first time I used this term, but I actually thought I made it up.It perfectly describes a state I used to get into (and still sometimes do) with friends where we spend ridiculous amounts of time analyzing ourselves, the world, our thought patterns and trying to 'figure out our lives', hoping to have some big revelation that will solve everything.

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