Speed dating for young professionals in london

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I hated to hurt his feelings, but life really is too short. Lots of my single friends are now trying internet dating, but it seems so clinical, sad and a bit desperate, and I've heard horror stories of men who lie about themselves. I met a lovely man at a party - a Brazilian, in his 20s and a student travelling the world. A few days later we met up for a meal, and went back to my flat where we ended up in bed.He thought I was in my 20s too and I wasn't about to correct him. I had been terrified of sex with another man but friends all said I would be surprised how easy it was. It didn't feel strange, just lovely to be held by such an attractive man.Maya Trajkovska, 34, works in media software and lives alone in Ealing, London: When my divorce came through, I felt like a lost soul. We'd met through work and married in 2003 and I was blissfully happy.But only ten months later Ivan's personality changed almost overnight.Each one set me back and I wished I didn't have to have any contact with him. There was one lovely man there, but all my single friends thought he was gorgeous too, so I didn't have a chance.Still, I was determined to keep enjoying myself and in June I even went to a speed dating event organised by a friend. All the rest seemed to be City boys showing off how much money they made, not my type at all. In July I was set up on a blind date by a friend who said this man was just my cup of tea.We couldn't fight the chemistry and against all my normal principles I had four days of amazing sex with him.Nick lived overseas and I didn't want a long-distance relationship, but our fling ensured I flew back to London with my confidence restored.

But one day last year I came down for breakfast - Luke had gone to work - to find a letter on the kitchen table. I was terrified I would never meet someone else to love, or love me.He was no longer my funloving, kind husband, but distant and cold.When he started arriving home later from work I suspected an affair but he always denied it. But by the summer he was still brittle and uncommunicative and I was so unhappy I filed for divorce, which came through a year ago. Ivan moved out - the most painful thing I've ever had to go through.But he was incredibly tall and skinny, with legs like pipe cleaners and seemed very pleased with himself.He'd been described as very attractive, but, oh dear me, no.

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I think, too, there may be a subconscious reason why I was attracted to young men.

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