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Surely, if the veil was based on religious precept, its use would not be enforced so selectively.

Therefore, to turn the hijab or into a religious and political issue belies its original intent.

Modifications for its use were introduced into Islamic practice when the religion spread into Byzantine and Persian territories, where once again the head dress was prevalent as a social custom.

The was also a symbol of class and distinction rather than of religion precept in pre-Islamic and early Islamic history.

The intent of the verse was to exhort believing women to cover their nakedness rather than their hair, which was left partially uncovered even though the was a head dress.

Moreover, the khimar was never rooted in religious precept — it was rooted in custom.

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An inquiry into historical precedent, however, suggests the Koran does not mandate the hijab at all.

Quebec’s electoral officer recently moved to disallow fully veiled Muslim women from voting, as they would not be able to identify themselves adequately.

The piece of cloth becomes a subject of controversy also because those who favour its use claim it is religiously mandated and regard its use as their Charter-protected right.

In blinding snow storms or freezing rain, the covering of the head, irrespective of what religion one practises, is crucial to one’s survival.

Halfway across the world, in the deserts of Arabia, whether one was a Muslim or a pagan, the covering of one’s head and face was an absolute necessity — not just when facing a blistering sandstorm, but any time one stepped out of the home in the searing sun.

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