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Pop singer Lauren Jauregui rose to fame in 2012 and fans are curious about her love life ever since. This changed in 2017 as it looks like Lauren has finally a boyfriend and isn’t too shy about it. I think we've all gotten too used to actors doing less than eight performances a week.How do you balance that impulse with the songs that are sheer autobiography?Bareilles: I feel like our job as songwriters is to document what’s happening and articulate emotion.PHOTOS: The Best of Bonnaroo 2013 THR: You just wrapped up your first solo tour. Then over the past year, as I’ve done a lot of personal work on facing my fears and making some pretty big life changes, it came to the forefront that that was going be something that I really needed to address and put my money where my mouth is, especially in terms of a song like “Brave” and that being my messaging that’s out right now. And it was such a transformative experience for me.

But I think this is the first time I really got the chance to make that kind of record myself, where I wasn’t looking at the production style and saying “Oh, this doesn’t fit” or “There's not room enough” or “Maybe I should make this song sound more like this song, so it all makes sense to the listener.” Really, I wanted each song to breathe and get to be the kind of expression it really wanted to be… She talks about the role of dissatisfaction in an artist’s life, and how it’s actually a sort of divinely appointed message to keep moving forward into your next creation. It was really tumultuous emotionally, but I guess it was comforting when I read that quote to think of that time as something that was divinely given, that there could be some sort of method in the madness of feeling so scattered and dissatisfied.

I don't think that the music industry is dying in any way; I think there's actually a lot more ways to be able to exist financially, you just have to find ways to capitalize on them." She reintroduces us to a time in pop-culture when the diary-style lyrics of everyone from Riot Grrrl musicians to Lilith Fair acts were allowed to enter the mainstream and take even the most macho radio listeners on catchy journeys into young women's most private moments and thoughts.

Sara Bareilles’ breakthrough, 2007’s “Love Song,” has to count as one of the most ironic smashes ever.

I hate to say that anything morbid sneaks in, but there is an awareness at this age that I don’t remember feeling in my 20s.

Looking at a song like “Chasing the Sun,” which thematically is touching on things that are much grander than the way I’ve written in the past.

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Fans who couldn’t get in can take some solace in the fact that her ecstatically reviewed stop at L.