Rules for dating my friend

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This article is the deciding factor in the sharing of the best friend, who gets him what weekends and holidays, etc.

Described in this article is a point system for the girlfriend.

Not entirely sure, though Gabriel's been pushing for Caleb to just turn into a woman and be done with it.

This girl can binge TV like nobody else, but "Law and Order" is always a favorite.

But there is no dog that she will not deem worthy of love.

As best friends, there is nothing I don’t know about her and vice versa.

To all others: Feel free to leave a comment here, suggesting new rules and regulations that need to be added to this guidebook.

XDD Also, am highly amused with mental image of Gabriel chewing on the paper that had his list with an expression like 'I'm surprisingly okay with this reaction'.A note to my best friend: I know you’ll find this a little amusing.However, I will not be joking when I ask for your girlfriend’s signature on a printed copy of this.Try to be a trap and I'll find someplace in this world that can deal with you.Sniper Hide n'Seek- One takes a sniper rifle and hides somewhere in the city, leaving the other to look for him.

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