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For Arc GIS Pro, see Connect to an OGC web service.For Arc GIS Online, see Adding OGC WMS and WMTS web services.This will allow for tracking usage metrics and performance of the imagery service.Do not distribute the link outside of your organization or division.These services may be added to desktop GIS, CAD and other software and web applications that support WMS and WMTS. The license agreement with Google, through a partnership with geospatial consulting firm App Geo, allows Mass GIS to receive frequent updates and take advantage of Google's investment in deploying a national imagery collection program.The spatial reference of the map services is Web Mercator EPSG:3857. This license model has advantages and disadvantages.It also can be used in applications other than Google Maps and Earth.

Fields include: The Massachusetts Google Imagery Service is a restricted license and is only for use by public organizations in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (state, regional and local governments).The advantages are that it provides significant cost savings for the commonwealth compared to past custom projects of purchasing imagery on our own.Mass GIS also avoids costs for data storage and staff time spent producing and serving tile caches.See an example of setting a transformation in Arc Map .The most current imagery will always appear in the web service layer named "imagery".

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State Plane coordinate system it will be critical for end users that require the highest locational precision to set up their working environment through the use of the appropriate geographic transformation (Esri Arc Map users should use WGS_1984_(ITRF00)_To_NAD_1983).