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For the former group the intervention consisted of a web-based course on AIDS; the latter received a 3-hour lecture course on the same subject.

At the beginning and end of the course in both groups, the nurses' knowledge was measured by a questionnaire.

A spokesperson for Guardians of the North (GOTN) said: 'What shocked us most about this case was the element of planning that went into it.'Hosseini even took photographs of his tickets while he was on the train and sent them to us.'When we confronted him he pretended he couldn't speak English which was insulting and made me angry.

'He had been communicating with us on social media in perfect English.

'He is clearly in danger of his life if he were to go back there.'The barrister said Hosseini was sorry and ashamed of what he had done and for the embarrassment he had caused his family.

Judge Penelope Belcher said: 'No child was in in fact exposed to risk.

Bahram Hosseini, 49, thought he had been communicating with a 14-year-old boy on social network Kik but had in fact been duped by Guardians of the North.

The spokesperson for GOTN added: 'I thought the sentence was a disgrace.

Giving him a suspended sentence is not a deterrent at all.'I am sure he will go on to do it again. He poses a definite risk, and there is a good chance he will re-offend.'Next time a real child could be involved.'Mohammed Raffiq, mitigating, said Hosseini had no previous convictions and had come to the UK as an asylum seeker.

Catherine Silverton, prosecuting, said Hosseini had sent messages to 'Joey' stating that he was 48 years old and was looking for a boyfriend for 'love or sex'.

Hosseini continued to send sexual messages despite being told that 'Joey' was only 14 years old and lived with his mum.

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