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A chef’s counter gives a few lucky diners a great behind-the-line view.Sure, Michael is known to most Food Network fans as a television star, but he’s also the chef at popular Cleveland restaurants like Lola Downtown and Lolita in Tremont.“Open every day until 2 a.m.” is music to the ears of many of the barflies who flock to Ohio City’s main drag for the three (soon four) craft breweries that reside there.In addition to serving some of the best thin-crust pizzas in town — think prosciutto, soft-cooked local eggs, provolone and black pepper — this dimly lit enoteca offers beer- and wine-friendly snacks, like mussels frites, ricotta-topped lamb meatballs and indulgent meat boards loaded with charcuterie made from locally raised pork.Craft beer fans can savor a wide range of proprietary ales, brewed in plain sight in the gorgeous brewhouse.Dating back to the 1920s, Mahall’s 20 Lanes was long a family-friendly bowling alley, where dads taught their boys how to roll on rainy weekends.But that’s not the case at this stellar French bistro, where quality trumps cause on a daily basis.Few restaurant openings — and there have been plenty — have caused as much of a stir as Butcher and the Brewer.

But when it comes to grabbing a quick and affordable snack on the go, we tend to bypass the broth and head straight for the banh mi.

If you can pry your mitts away from the killer burgers, head straight for the amazing bologna sandwiches, which are sliced thick, griddled and topped with dill pickles, mustard and cheese.

Diners in Cleveland are fortunate to have their pick of farm-to-table bistros, each run by skilled chefs who are sustained by a thriving and mature farmers market system.

The lanes are still here, too, with all 20 of them seeing more life than they have in ages.

We normally wouldn’t send folks clear out to Moreland Hills, a posh bedroom community 30 minutes east of the city center.

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Michael Symon might have given the humble pierogi a makeover at Lola Bistro, where it is filled with slow-simmered beef cheeks and topped with a dollop of horseradish creme fraiche.

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