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Amature webcam capures

I then combine the pictures to average the detail captured in each exposure, thus creating an evenly illuminated photograph of the entire solar disk.I use from 3 to 20 frames, but I tend to capture at least three images at each setting of the tuning ring in an effort to get at least one during a moment of good seeing.However, because my frames differ from one another due to the PST's uneven illumination, the same solar features don't always show on every frame, so Regi Stax may not have a consistent alignment feature.In such cases, I manually align each image in Photoshop.

Due to this shortcoming, I originally deemed the PST to have limited use as an imaging platform.Nevertheless, taking those images lit a fire of interest, and I decided to try pushing this little scope to the limits of its potential.What I discovered is that excellent photographs of the Sun through the PST are possible once a few obstacles are overcome.The views here were obtained with a Canon Power Shot A85 digital camera aimed into a Tele Vue 20-millimeter Plössl eyepiece.While my images were successful, they highlighted the PST's relatively small "sweet spot" that shows Hα features at maximum contrast.

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The PST does not show maximum contrast of Hα features across the entire solar disk at one time — features visible on one side of the disk will disappear when the scope is turned to show details on the other side.

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