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Then on 9th March 08 Jack was admitted to hospital to start treatment once more.

He has been in hospital for almost 4 weeks now and if the next bone marrow aspirate shows that Jack is in remission he will be going forward with a 2nd bone marrow transplant.

He has been on oxygen overnight and is feeling much more breathless today.

The Doctors are in their Friday morning ward meeting but Dr David has already been in to say it looks highly likely that we will be moved to another room to start a course of rubivarin treatment, which is the inhaler ‘tent’ treatment I mentioned in one of my previous entries.

Then in February 2008 a bone marrow aspirate showed that Jack had relapsed.

Before he started chemo for a 3rd time, Jack was able to enjoy his 9th birthday at home with his family and some school friends.

However, following a bone marrow aspirate, his parents received the devastating news that Jack had relapsed.

For two and half years Jack remained well, him and his family went on lots of holidays to France, Scotland, skiing and Disneyland in Florida.

However on Wednesday his saturation levels (oxygen travelling around the blood) were dropping and he was requiring oxygen and he developed another temperature.

Yesterday he had another x-ray which showed abnormalities again and the Doctors think it is viral; they’ve increased the steroids again and restarted antibiotics.

His lungs are sounding much better and he is very much his old self and he has even been eating a bit.

He’s been asking when he can go home but as he is still on lots of IV drugs, steroids and ‘food’ the Doctor explained yesterday that it might still be a while before he can go home.

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