Adult chat free louisia

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Adult chat free louisia

They also aren’t receiving any of the targeting programming they should be receiving to move them toward positive development and away from delinquency.”The average sentence for a juvenile offender in a state adult correction facility is 7.6 years, according to the Louisiana DOC.

Only 1.4 percent are given a life sentence.“Even the kids who are charged with the most serious crimes aren’t going to spend the rest of their lives in prison," Schwartzmann said. In the meantime, you’ve housed them in an unsafe environment where they experience more harm to themselves and ultimately to us.”Adult prisons lack resources for juveniles Robert Reardon, director of Corrections for the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's office, said the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center currently houses eight youth awaiting trial.

In order to comply with the Prison Rape Elimination Act, Reardon has to keep the youth separated from adult inmates.

The result was lowered ages for prosecuting juveniles as adults as well as the process of juvenile transfer."The craze behind it was this national fear of super predators," Walker said.Katie Schwartzmann, the lead attorney behind a federal consent decree to improve conditions at Orleans Parish Prison and co-director of the Roderick and Solange Mac Arthur Justice Center, said scientific evidence shows why juvenile offenders should be treated differently than adults.A teenager's brain is still developing, which makes easier to rehabilitate as well as more susceptible to trauma from the violent conditions in many adult facilities."Conditions we saw on youth were some of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen in my life in terms of violence," Schwartzmann said. The kids who came out of the jails were not the same as the ones who came in.”An issue of public safety In Louisiana, children are automatically prosecuted as adults for aggravated rape, aggravated kidnapping and first or second degree murder.Reardon said a female inmate, should Lafayette ever have one, would require housing in a separate pod for the jail to comply with PREA.The result is a lot of unused space."We're not set up for this," Reardon said.

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Their alleged crimes run the gamut from possession of marijuana to murder.

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