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Accommodating cyclists at signalised intersections

A discussion of user needs requires an understanding of human factors principles for all intersection users.

This chapter begins with an overview of human factors research and is followed by a description of user needs for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

Each road user has unique abilities and characteristics, all of which need to be considered in the design of an intersection.

The basic function of signalized intersections is to sequence right-of-way between intersecting streams of users.

Designing safe and usable facilities demands an understanding that persons with disabilities have varying abilities, use a variety of adaptive devices, and may have multiple impairments.

Human factors analysis, particularly as it relates to any element of the transportation system (including signalized intersections), includes the following tasks: Signalized intersections serve a variety of road users, chiefly motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

Bicyclists include recreational and commuting bicyclists, as well as a wide range of ages and abilities.

Pedestrians include all age groups (children, adults, elderly), some of whom have cognitive, mobility, or vision impairments.

Human factors research deals with human physical, perceptual, and cognitive abilities and characteristics and how they affect our interactions with tools, machines, and workplaces.

The goal of human factors analysis in road transportation is to: At signalized intersections, the application of human factors principles to the problems of safety and efficiency requires an approach that is both systems oriented and human-centered.

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